Epic Panoramic shoot with Inreal

A Dp friend of mine, Graham Robbins, designed a panoramic rig for the company Inreal that will mount 4 Red Epics on one tripod.    The images stitch together to make one panoramic image that is approximately 20k pixels wide.


He passed a couple of shoot days to me when he was booked up on another gig and I got to shoot with this beast.   It weighs about 70 pounds so it is definitely something where you need to plan out where you are shooting and only expect to get 2-3 shots in a couple of hours.    It was a great experience and taught me a lot about panoramic shooting.

Camera:   Red Epic x4

Lenses: Rokinon 24mm, 85mm

Tap Shoes & Violins

Had a great time shooting the short film "Tap Shoes & Violins" for Director Dax Brooks.    We had some very challenging days but we got some really great shots.   I'm excited to see the final product.


Camera:  Red Epic

Lenses:  Leica R (19mm, 28mm, 50mm, 90mm, 135mm)

I'm always experimenting with new softening techniques for key lights.   From what I've seen on larger films you really can't get too large with your keylight if you are going for a soft look.   On this setup we used a 2.5k HMI punching through a 4x4 of unbleached muslin and then a 8x8 of 1/4 grid.    The result was a soft key with a bit of warmth.   All motivated by the large floor to ceiling windows at the front of the restaurant.   We got the 8x8 right up next to the actors and it looked great!  I'll update this post with the final shot when the film is released.

Dell Precision Shoot

The Dell Precision shoot included one of my more exciting days on set.  It was great to work with director Sam Akina again on this web promo for Dell's new precision notebook.  On the second day of the shoot, we were shooting the Dell notebook being used on a big budget film set as a DIT station.   We worked with ultimate arm to do a "faked" shoot where a guy in dreads on a jet black Ducati was chasing a red Ferrarri down a street lined with semi trucks.   Needless to say it looked amazing.  The DP of the camera car shots, Gabriel Bienczycki, did an excellent job and the shots they got looked gorgeous.    It was loads of fun to shoot all the action.  We also got some shots down in the LA River which I had seen many times before but never filmed in.  All and all it was a great day on set!

Camera: Red Epic

Lenses: Cinemod Leica R Set (19mm, 28mm, 50mm, 90mm, 135mm)

VW Super Bowl Shoot

Just finished up a group of teaser shoots for VW's Super Bowl commercial.  It was great to work with director Adam Paul again and it was a really fun and easygoing shoot overall.  We shot about 15 short video spots before the Super Bowl that teased at what would be in VW's Super Bowl commercial.  Then on Super Bowl Sunday we shot about 10 direct-to-edit spots that served as commentary on the game as it was happening.  

Camera: Arri Alexa

Lenses: Fujinon Cabrio 19-90mm T2.