Tap Shoes & Violins

Had a great time shooting the short film "Tap Shoes & Violins" for Director Dax Brooks.    We had some very challenging days but we got some really great shots.   I'm excited to see the final product.


Camera:  Red Epic

Lenses:  Leica R (19mm, 28mm, 50mm, 90mm, 135mm)

I'm always experimenting with new softening techniques for key lights.   From what I've seen on larger films you really can't get too large with your keylight if you are going for a soft look.   On this setup we used a 2.5k HMI punching through a 4x4 of unbleached muslin and then a 8x8 of 1/4 grid.    The result was a soft key with a bit of warmth.   All motivated by the large floor to ceiling windows at the front of the restaurant.   We got the 8x8 right up next to the actors and it looked great!  I'll update this post with the final shot when the film is released.